Asthma is an illness which affects breathing.  The  tubes which carry the air down into the lungs swell and tighten making it more difficult to breathe.  In addition, there will sometimes be a lot of sticky mucus in the lungs which makes it even harder to breathe. Breathing becomes very noisy giving the familiar wheeze sound.

This illness commonly starts in childhood but it can happen at any stage of life.  It is not known exactly what the cause is but sufferers will sometimes have trigger factors such as cold air, dust or pollen.  Sometimes asthma will seem to run in a family and these families may also tend suffer more from conditions such as hayfever and eczema.

Asthma is a very common condition in Ireland with almost one in every ten people here having it. Having the illness causes lots of missed work days and school days.  Poorly controlled asthma can result in serious illness.  In some cases, asthma attacks can be life-threatening and, unfortunately, one person dies here on average every week from highly treatable illness.

Fortunartely, this illness can be relieved and controlled through the use of inhalers and other medicines.  There are a lot of things to manage, meaning that asthma can be a difficult illness to keep in check.

Asthma Management Programme

At Fortune’s Pharmacy, Wexford, all patients with asthma may enrol in our pharmacist led management programme.  This programme is designed to help you gain better control over your condition and is part of the service that we provide to all of our patients.

Patients on the programme will have a review done every six months which will focus on –

  • Correct use of your inhaler
  • Monitoring of your asthma (with a peak flow meter, for example)
  • Monitoring of your medication usage (including inhalers)
  • Advice on stopping smoking (for patients and family members)
  • Lifestyle advice which will help you
  • General education about the illness
  • Getting your annual flu jab

At Fortune’s Pharmacy our pharmacist is one member of your care team. The most important member of the team is you!  Other members include your GP, hospital doctor, nurse and family members. If necessary our pharmacists will liaise with your GP, practice nurse or other members of the team to ensure you get the best care possible.

Sometimes our pharmacist will need to do a review more often than every six months.

Talk to us in Fortune’s Pharmacy about joining our asthma management programme today.