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Need Help Managing Your Medicines?

Are you or a loved one finding it difficult to keep on top of your daily drugs?  Fortune’s Pharmacy, in partnership with Protomed, has the solution.

Biodose is the World’s first Total Medication Management System with infection control as standard.

Biodose in the Home

It is ideally suited to

  • Persons finding it difficult to remember to take their medicines
  • Persons taking a lot of medicines
  • Persons with sight difficulties
  • Persons with literacy or numeracy difficulties (both general and health literacy)
  • School children (gives huge peace of mind to parents or guardians)




What are the benefits of Biodose?

  • Can deal with Solid or Liquid Oral MedicinesBiodose in the Home
  • Individually sealed and individually removable tamper evident pods
  • 28 pod trays with drug and patient information printed on every pod
  • Built-in BioCote protection helps to prevent MRSA
  • See at a glance if any doses have been missed
  • Handy Pack available for people on the move

Each tray contains patient information, including the option of an individual photograph, plus drug detail information.

Once the tamper evident seal on each pod has been peeled back, it will not stick down again, ensuring that the drugs contained are the same as what the pharmacist intended.
Right from the moment that the pod seal is peeled back, drugs can be administered directly from the pod, making liquid administration very easy and removing the need for medicine cups.

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