High Tech Medicines

High Tech Medicines are, typically, expensive medicines which have been produced by biotechnological means, or contain new drugs with significant new therapeutic uses, or require prescribing by a consultant in a hospital setting.

Typical examples would include drugs to prevent transplant organ rejection, some cancer treatments and assisted reproductive technology medicines.  Other examples include newer medicines to treat arthritis, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis.

High Tech Medicines are prescribed in hospitals using a specified form.  They are supplied under the Medical Card, Drugs Payment, Long Term Illness or Health Amendment Act Schemes, as appropriate.  Your doctor will issue a copy of your prescription to the HSE as well as a copy to your general practitioner (GP), while you bring the original to the pharmacy.

Drug companies are paid directly by the Health Services Executive (HSE) for High Tech Medicines.  As a result, if you are prescribed a High Tech Medicine, the HSE are notified and we receive authorisation to supply it.  This will not result in any delay in you receiving your treatment outside of normal pharmacy supply lead times.

If you have a full medical card, or the medicine is being used to treat one of the illnesses specified under the Long Term Illness Scheme (LTI), then there is no charge for your High Tech Medicine.   Patients with eligibility under the Health Amendment Act are also exempt from a charge.   All other patients are required to pay the monthly Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS) contribution (currently €124).

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