Medical Card

Medical Cards allow people free access to a Family Doctor.  They may also receive approved prescribed medicines and appliances free of charge (subject to a €2.00 levy  per item). There is a monthly cap on family expenditure of €20.00 equating to 10 items.  Three classes of persons are exempting from paying the levy.  These are –

GP Visit Card

GP Visit Cards allow people to visit a Family Doctor free of charge.  

Anyone who is ordinarily resident in Ireland can apply for a Medical Card.  The scheme is means tested.  The HSE assess for both cards at the same time, so there is no need to specify which card you are applying for

From August 1st 2015 free GP care is available for every person ordinarily residing in Ireland aged 70 or over.  No income criteria apply.  All Family Doctors with a contract with the HSE will be providing this free GP care.

Free GP care is also available in Ireland for all children under 6.

Any patient who has a specified Long Term Illness (LTI) may apply for a LTI book.  Approved medicines and devices for treatment of their LTI are exempt from the HSE levy (effective December 1st 2013).  Further details of the LTI Scheme may be found here.

How do I apply for a Medical Card?

You may apply online at

If you are aged over 70, and do not have a medical card or GP visit card, you can apply online for a GP visit card at

Application forms for all schemes are also available in the pharmacy

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