If you have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby you may end up going down the route of assisted reproductive technology (ART) also known as fertility treatment.

The Health Services Executive (HSE)  maintains a listed of approved fertility medicines which may be prescribed by your  consultant or hospital doctor under the High Tech Scheme.  Once approved by the HSE’s local High Tech Liaison officer, the cost of these medicines is covered as per the patient’s eligibility under either the Medical Card or Drugs Payment Schemes.  For medical card patients the usual levy of €2 per item is waived, while for DPS patients, the patient pays the monthly limit of €124.

If you are trying for a baby and need to use fertility medicines we can advise you on registering for a Medical Card or Drugs Payment Scheme card.  You may also nominate us as your pharmacy for supplying the medicines.  Your fertility clinic will then advise the HSE of this.  Pharmacy nomination forms are available directly from us and we can give you any help you need filling it out.

Once authorisation has been issued by the HSE, we can order your prescribed medicines for you on a cycle by cycle basis.  Our pharmacist can advise on all aspects of fertility medicines such as dose, storage requirements and side effects to look out for.

High Tech medicines used for fertility treatment are ordered by us directly from the HSE.  The HSE then instruct the supplier to send the medicines to us.  Your hospital doctor is responsible for notifying the HSE of the medicines that you will need and they will also send a copy of your prescription to the HSE.  The HSE will not release medicines to us unless these procedures have been followed.