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Canestest Self-Test for vaginal infections.


Product Description

Canestest is the new self-test for vaginal infections helping you to diagnose common vaginal infections and to select the right treatment.  Canestest is clinically proven to work within seconds by a change of colour and with more than 90% efficacy.

Unusual vaginal discharge can result from infection from different types of bugs such as bacteria, yeasts, and so on.

The Canestest swab will change to a green or blue colour if infection with bacteria (bacterial vaginosis) or trichomoniasis is present.  The presence of other symptoms such s discharge, odour, itch, and pain on urination help to narrow down the diagnosis.

With yeast infections, the swab remains yellow in colour.  Treatments for yeast infections are available from us here in the pharmacy without prescription.  The most popular treatment is Canesten.




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