Flexiseq Sport 100g

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Flexiseq Sport 100g

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Product Description

Flexiseq Sport helps the Active Stay Active

  • Relieves pain and restores mobility keeping you active
  • Non-drug formulation
  • Batch-tested and cleared by a world class anti-doping laboratory
  • Available in 50g and 100g sizes
  • Used by athletes around the world

FLEXISEQ® Sport gel is a topically applied, non-drug gel that lubricates damaged surfaces within joints to relieve pain and stiffness. It is clinically proven to be as effective as a prescription painkiller at relieving even chronic osteoarthritic joint pain.

A recent study investigating FLEXISEQ Sport as a treatment for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) has shown that the non-drug gel reduced muscle soreness faster than a prescription oral painkiller (ketoprofen 100mg, twice daily) with those treated with FLEXISEQ Sport finding their muscle soreness was cleared on average 12 hours faster than those using the oral drug.

FLEXISEQ® Sport adopts one of the world’s premier anti-doping laboratories’ batch testing protocols, to offer further assurance the non-drug product is safe to use by athletes and anyone else subject to anti-doping rules, for example those in the armed forces.

FLEXISEQ® Sport meets the demands of all professional athletes and those who exercise, stay fit or simply enjoy an active life.

Listen to what Irish rugby star Cian Healy has to say.

Pack Size 100g

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