Support HosieryOur range of compression stockings are used to prevent and treat a variety of conditions including

  • Swollen Ankles
  • Varicose Veins
  • Varicose eczema
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – a type of blood clot
  • Pregnancy related blood clots

At Fortune’s Pharmacy our trained staff will measure you to ensure you get the right product for your leg size and condition.  We like to measure early in the morning as your legs tend to swell as the day goes on.  We use the latest in App based technology to get a correct fit.  Where possible, you will be offered a choice of colour and style (i.e. open toe or closed toe).  We stock a wide range of stockings.  Occasionally we may have to source a made-to-measure product for you depending on the size required.

Support stockings can be difficult to get on and off.  We have a range of aids to help you.  We can also give you expert guidance on the care of your stockings.

Support stockings are not covered under the Community Drug Schemes but if you have a full medical card the Health Services Executive (HSE) may approve them under a local scheme known as the Drugs Hardship Scheme.  You will need to have a prescription from your GP or hospital doctor to avail of this scheme.   A limit of two pairs per calendar year applies under this scheme.  Please ask a member of our pharmacy team for further details.

Please note that we cannot accept returns of support hosiery.  (This does not affect your statutory rights).