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Holiday Essentials

Holiday Essentials

Holiday Essentials

Summer is in full swing and, unfortunately, the South East is not its usual sunny self.  It’s not surprising that so many are heading for foreign shores.  We have loads of holiday essentials to make sure that your holiday runs smoothly.

Before you go

Check well in advance that your passport is in date.  You can get your pasport photos taken here and we can also supply electronic photos for the new passport card.

If you take prescription medicine, make sure that you bring enough with you to last the duration of your trip.  It’s useful to bring a list of your prescription medicines with you.

If you are heading anywhere exotic we can advise you on what vaccines you might need and whether or not you need protection against malaria.

Things to bring

We recommend that you bring sunscreen, aftersun and sunglasses with you.  We have a wide range in store and can advise on selecting the best sunscreen for you.

You might also consider taking some over the counter medicines.  We typically recommend bringing painkillers, antihistamines, travel sickness medicine, medicine for diarrhoea, medicine for constipation, medicine for indigestion, and rehydration sachets.

We stock travel plugs, first aid supplies and hand sanitisers.  If your trip involves a long flight you should wear flight socks.

Bon voyage!