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Sharps Disposal

Sharps Disposal Service

Fortune’s Pharmacy offers you a free, safe and convenient way of disposing of your used sharps.  Sharps include needles, lancets and auto-injector devices.  Many patients will have used sharps to dispose.  These include, for example, patients who have diabetes and patients who inject themselves with immune suppressing medicines.  It is important to dispose of used sharps correctly.  They must not be put into your domestic waste. Sharps must be disposed of in a United Nations approved container.  This reduces the likelihood of a needle-stick injury to yourself or to someone else.Sharps BinWe have a designated bulk container here in the pharmacy where you can bring back your own sharps bin when it is full.  We will provide you with a free replacement bin, if required.  Our staff will not handle your sharps bin, but will bring you to our bulk bin where you can deposit it.  Please do not return sharps to us that are not in an approved container.  This service is only available to patients who are disposing personal medical sharps.  We do not offer a commercial sharps disposal service.