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Passport Photos

Passport Photos

Whether you’re heading on holidays or need photographic ID for any reason, our Passport Photo Service will ensure you have the passport photos you need.  In addition to the standard sizes used for EU passports and ID cards, we are also able to produce different size photos, for example, for United States Visas. If you are a student travelling to the USA as part of the J1 visa programme we can supply the required photos.  We also can take the photos required for the SPSV Driver Licence.  The entire process takes about 3 minutes.  We check all passport photos in a sizing guide supplied by the Passport Office.   We can supply your photos in a choice of either colour or black and white.

Photos for passports must be signed in your presence by a member of An Garda Siochana.  We recommend leaving passport photos as an uncut set of four.  The Garda will sign two of these.  Submitting your photos as a set of four makes it easier for the passport office to process. The passport office will return the unused photographs to you with your passport.

Passport Online

Fortune’s Pharmacy can also take your digital photo for the new Passport Online service which allows you to renew your passport book or Passport Card or apply for your first Passport Card.  We can either email it to you or save it to your USB key.  You can also take your own photograph using your own phone or camera and email it to us (  We can correctly size this photo to the Passport Office guidelines and send it back to you.

Points to Remember

Here are some points to remember if you are coming to get your passport photograph taken –

  • Don’t smile!  A neutral expression with both eyes open and mouth closed is needed.
  • Dark glasses are not permitted (we recommend removal of glasses in all cases).
  • Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons.  Your facial features from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown.
  • Don’t wear a military or civilian uniform (with epaulettes or insignia).
  • We can email your digital photo to you.  You must supply your own USB key if you wish to use one.

Handy Hints for Parents of Young Children

Having their passport photo taken can be a stressful time for young children.  Here are a few suggestions to make things easier –

  • Don’t delay!  Talk to us about getting your child’s passport photo if you think that foreign travel is on the horizon.
  • Arrange a time with us in advance.  We usually suggest a quieter time of the day.
  • Allow plenty of time.  Sometimes it just doesn’t happen on the first go!
  • Bring along a favourite toy.  This can help as a useful distraction.

Further Information

For further information please visit the Passport Office or your embassy or consulate.