Moogoo Scalp Cream


Moogoo Scalp Cream is a lightweight moisturiser that easily sinks into the skin to relieve dry skin conditions on the scalp and other areas.

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Moogoo Scalp Cream

Moogoo Scalp Cream is a moisturiser specially designed for use on the scalp. It is really good for seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis in the scalp.  It can be used by anyone from babies to adults.  You can also use this on problem skin around the ears, hairline, eyes, and along the side of the nose.

It’s made with natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil as well as soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and allantoin.

Directions for Use

This is a really lightweight moisturiser and is rapidly absorbed into the skin.  Use as often as required.   If you like this product why not team it up with Moogoo Shampoo and Conditioner as part of your daily routine.

Product Contents

Each pack contains 120g of cream.