Surgical Face Mask


The 3-ply disposable surgical face mask is hypoallergenic, perfect fitting, and has a high filtration capacity.  It is CE marked.

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Surgical Face Mask

The 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask is held in place using ear loops.

Product Features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very low resistance to breathing
  • High filtration capactity
  • Perfect Fitting
  • CE Marked

Wearing the Mask

Wear the mask so it comes all the way up, close to the bridge of your nose, and all the way down under your chin.  Press the metal band at the top edge so that it conforms to the bridge of your nose.  Tighten the loops so it’s snug around your face without gaps.

When you need to remove the mask use the ear loops to take it off.  Do not touch the front of the mask.  Always wash your hands before and after handling a mask.

Coronavirus Information

Wearing a face mask in public may reduce the spread of infection in the community by minimising the release of respiratory droplets from infected people.  Sick people will be advised by their doctor when to use a mask.  Please see our coronavirus page for up to date information.


Please note that this product is not sterile.


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