Parex Spot-on for Small Dogs


Parex Spot-on for Small Dogs is an easy to use flea and tick treatment for dogs weighing between 2kg and 10kg.

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Parex Spot-on for Small Dogs

Parex Spot-on for Small Dogs is the first fipronil based flea and tick treatment available over the counter in Ireland without prescription for dogs and cats. Parex is easy and safe to apply to your pets and works thoroughly and effectively against fleas and ticks. We recommend to treat your pet with Parex every 4 weeks, especially during the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons.  Don’t forget to worm your dog also.  We recommend Drontal

How to use this Flea Treatment


  • Disconnect one of the blisters from blister card and open the if carefully with a scissors.
    Carefully peel back the foil and withdraw the pipette.
  • Hold the pipette upright and beend the upper border strip backwards.
    Snap off the top of the pipette on the scored line.
  • Part the coat between the shoulder blades until skin is visible.
    Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze several times until empty.


Each pack contains 3 flea treatment pipettes.


Further Information

If you would like to find out more about Parex Spot-on for Small Dogs please visit our Youtube channel.