Abidec Vitamin D Drops


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Abidec Vitamin D Drops

Abidec Vitamin D Drops contain Vitamin D which is very important for your baby.  It helps them to develop strong bones and teeth. Each 5 drop dose contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D3 (5 micrograms) for your child.

Does my child need Vitamin D?

It is essential to give your child Vitamin D if you are breastfeeding.  While breastfeeding is always best for baby, it just doesn’t contain enough Vitamin D.  Formula feeds have added Vitamin D so you don’t need to give a supplement if your baby is getting at least of 300mls of formula a day.  You should give the supplement for the first year of life.  Children aged between 1 year and 4 years should be given the supplement over the Winter months – we recommend giving it between Halloween and St Patrick’s Day.

How much to give

Give 5 drops once daily.  You can give the drops directly into the mouth or mix with food or drink, if you prefer.

Abidec Vitamin D Drops


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