Hylo Night


Hylo-Tear Eye Drops work by restoring the body’s natural tear film and helping to relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate dry eye disease.

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Hylo Night

Hylo Night Eye Ointment is used to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes where that occur at night.  This product was formerly called Vita-POS.  It contains Vitamin A and is preservative free.

How to use Hylo Night Eye Ointment

Use the product as often as you require following closely the package instructions.  Take care not to let the nozzle of the tube touch the eye itself.  You may find it easier to put in eye drops in front of a mirror.


Do not use if you are allergic to any product ingredient.  Consult your doctor if you feel your symptoms are not improving or if your vision is affected.


Please see product packaging for a full list of ingredients.  Pack size 5g

How to store Hylo Night Eye Ointment

Do not store the eye drops above 25°C.  Do not use the product after the expiry date marked on the pack or after six months, once opened.  Keep all medicines out of reach of children and remember to return all unused or out of date medicines to your pharmacy for safe disposal.

Further information

Please see  product packaging for full product information.  Further information on dry eyes is available hereContact us before purchasing if you need any clarification.





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