Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7


Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7 is a 16 hour patch which will help you stop smoking for good. Suitable for those smoking more than 20 a day.

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Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7

Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7 is a seven day supply of nicotine patches for those smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day and who wish to quit.

Who is this medicine for?

This medicine can be used by a person aged 18 years and over.  If being used by a person aged under 18 years, you need to contact us first before purchasing and we will discuss your treatment options.

How to use Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7

Wash your hands before and after use.

Apply one patch to  a clean, dry, hair-free area of skin on th hip, upper arm or chest.  It is best to apply the patch in the morning.  Leave on for 16 hours and then remove it.  You should wait 8 hours before applying the next patch and remember to vary the application site.  We advise against applying it to the same spot on successive days.  We recommend using this product for 8 weeks before stepping down to Nicorette Invisipatch 15mg for 2 weeks and then Nicorette Invisipatch 10mg for a further 2 weeks before stopping completely.

Side Effects and Precautions

Do not continue to smoke while using Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7.  Contact us before using if you have any heart, circulatory or stomach problems, or if you are using any prescribed medicines.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

Please contact your GP or hospital doctor before using if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Contains Nicotine as the active ingredient and releases 25mg over 16 hours.  Please see product packaging for a full list of other ingredients.  Pack size – 7 patches sufficient for one week’s supply.

How to store Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7

Do not store Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7 above 25°C.  Do not use the product after the expiry date marked on the pack.  Keep all medicines out of reach of children and remember to return all unused or out of date medicines to your pharmacy for safe disposal.  After use, place the patch in empty sachet or aluminium foil and dispose of it where children or animals cannot reach it.

Further information

Please see  product packaging for full product information.  A copy of the patient information leaflet for this medicine can be found online hereContact us before purchasing if you need any clarification.

Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg 7  is a licensed medicine in Ireland and we can only ship to an Irish address.  You must be over 18 to purchase.  If you order this product, you may receive an email with a link which will allow you to provide further information for review by one of our pharmacists.  We may also contact you by phone.  If everything is in order your product should ship same day.  We will contact you if we need any further information or clarification.


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